The centuries old European craft of fuming and smoking exposes the wood to small amounts of ammonia in a controlled environment. The ammonia reacts with the natural tannins; the longer the wood is exposed, the darker it becomes.

Fuming describes the initial surface treatment which creates a rich colour range from warm chocolate to the elegance of almost-black. Smoking takes the process one step further by ingraining the colour deep into the wood itself.

Semi-fumed involves the process of exposing only the surface of the wood to ammonia in variable quantities to achieve a lighter result of amber hues than the process of smoking or fuming.

European Oak is the optimum choice for fuming and smoking because its high tannin content creates a palette of rich wood tones. As the intensity of the reaction depends on the tannin content in the wood, each board reacts slightly differently to create a result that marries blended floor colour with unique and distinctive variations.