Valinge 5G

We use “Valinge 5G locking system” – a strong and robust system which “locks” floor boards into place and is designed to ensure an even result which strengthens over time.  The system is quick and easy to install, does not require nailing or gluing and eliminates creaking joints often associated with traditional timber flooring.

5G Locking System Advantages

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Significantly reduced installation times

  • The joints will have greater strength over time

  • Can be used immediately

  • No messy glue needed

  • No nailing required

  • No creaking joints

When the board is folded down, a flexible tongue is pushed into a tongue-groove. When it reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a ”click” sound and locks the product vertically. The special design of the locking profile combined with the high performance glass fibre reinforced tongue offers superior function during climate changes and forces applied to the floor.