Passion is core to all that we do. We are passionate about our products, passionate about customer service and passionate about bringing together cutting-edge technology and hand-craftsmanship to create stunning floors that last a lifetime.

When my father and I started our business together in 1991 we focused on producing high quality hardwood flooring in a single wood selection. We quickly came to appreciate that just as no two trees are alike, each customer was looking for a unique flooring solution that was individually tailored to reflect their character and their living space. The first Collection was created, innovation flourished and our business began to blossom.

Almost thirty years later we now offer more than a thousand choices of engineered hardwood flooring in every continent. In addition to residential homes, our customers include hotels, shops and offices. Whilst we have expanded, our passionate belief in quality, service and innovation remain the same.

Nowhere is our commitment to providing hardwood flooring that is ‘engineered for living and designed to impress’ more evident than in my own home. Our Carpathians flooring has provided the platform for so many family experiences over the years and yet the hand-crafted oak boards have withstood the test of time. Their durability, low maintenance and visual appeal continues to add value, character and liveability to our home many years after installation.

We are passionately proud of our flooring, as are those who work with us – from our timber specialists who travel the world hand-selecting the finest trees to our craftsmen who hand-finish and oversee the production of each plank. Customers tell us that when they enter the showroom they fall in love with our flooring at first sight. With this in mind, I hope you find your perfect match.

Gurjeet Singh